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Profuma Sprl (hereinafter "Profuma") manages the website www.prodeli.com in its management of the Site, Profuma collects, processes and uses your personal data in order to make the website and related services available to you and to respond to the specific concerns of users. Personal data are always processed and used for this purpose.

Data collected from visitors and purpose of processing your data

Profuma collects, processes and uses your personal data only if these operations prove necessary and justified, for the purposes of the following activities: designing the content in order to personalize the offers and presentations on an individual basis; maintaining and modifying a contractual relationship between Profuma and you as a user of the website www.prodeli.com services offered, or to the extent necessary to permit and Bill the use of the online services (usage and billing data). In addition, Profuma collects, processes and uses personal data provided by users on www.prodeli.com in order to meet requests, selling products online, delivery and preparation of orders, provide information about products or, to process requests. The communication of information can be done by direct registration on the Profuma website. If you register on the Profuma website and subscribe to the Profuma newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time. Please click on the unsubscribe link included in the following website: www.prodeli.com.

The personal data that Profuma collects, processes and uses are composed of personal data, such as your name, title and contact information such as address, phone, email, credit card details to make payments. On the registration screen, we clearly indicate the information required for registration and the optional information left at your discretion. In addition, we collect and process tracking data through cookies or other tools. This data may include the IP address of your computer, the name of the Internet browser you use, the website from which you visit our pages, the internet page you actually visit, and the date, time and duration of your visit to the website. This collection of data and the processing and use of the latter are intended for the technical execution of your visit to the website and the organization of the website www.prodeli.com depending on demand.

Sharing with third parties and transfer to other countries

When using www.prodeli.com, your personal data may be shared with third party agents, sellers or business partners located in the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or a country not belonging to the EU and the EEA and which does not have legislation comparable to European law on the protection of personal data. We require these companies to comply with the provisions of our personal data protection policy so that their access to personal data is limited to the minimum necessary to fulfil their obligations and that they do not use the data to which they may have access for any purpose other than fulfilling their responsibilities towards us. Profuma shall ensure that the appropriate level of data protection and data security under EU personal data protection legislation is ensured, including through appropriate technical measures, rules, contractual obligations, and organisational measures implemented by Profuma.

Use of cookies and other tracking systems

Profuma's Websites may use cookie technologies, site histories and Pixel tags to identify a user as he or she navigates the website. Your browser allows us to place certain information (session IDs and / or persistent cookies) on your computer's hard drive in order to detect the computer you are using. We may use cookies to personalise our websites and track your use of other Profuma websites.

You can set your Internet browser to accept cookies, reject them or be notified whenever a cookie is sent to you. If your browser is set to reject cookies, websites with cookies will not recognize you when you visit the website again, and some of its functions may not be available. You will find instructions in the "Help" section of your browser to prevent your browser from accepting cookies.

Some of our business partners may use cookies on our sites (including links to these partners). We do not want our business partners to use cookies to track our customers ' activities after they leave our sites. However, we are unable to exercise full control over how our business partners use cookies on our websites. If you find that a Profuma business partner places an unwanted cookie on your hard drive, please contact Profuma to help us fix the problem.

In addition, we can opt for other tracking systems, such as pixel tags. The latter, sometimes called "spy pixels", play a role similar to that of cookies. However, because of their insignificant size, they are not visible, but they are used to transmit certain information to our servers in order to personalize our websites and to track your use of other Profuma websites.

You can find more information about our cookie policy here: www.profuma.be

Your personal data choices

You may be offered to receive recurring information or / promotional emails from Profuma and/or third parties working with Profuma by subscribing to the relevant service and giving your consent for all services to which you decide to register. You may decide to no longer receive promotional information or/e-mails at the time of providing the information or by following the instructions included in the mail or included in all programs we send you. Profuma will unsubscribe you from the relevant newsletter or other programs as soon as possible.

Updating and deleting your personal data and contact information from Profuma

You can always contact us to

i)         request access to your personal data,

ii)        request the deletion of the personal data you have transmitted to us through our systems, and

iii)       change your preferences with regard to business contacts, by sending us an e-mail at info@prodeli.com , by sending us a letter to our business address : Profuma Sprl, rue de Lusambo 65, 1190 Forest, Belgium, or, if necessary, by logging into your account to update your information.


Lodge a complaint

You have the right to lodge a complaint about the processing of your data by Profuma with the following competent authority :


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